Education & Experience

Before settling in Paris, Maria Snitsar lived, studied and gained professional experience at the crossroads of three cultures : in Moscow, Munich and Paris. She graduated from the University of Paris II Panthéon ASSAS with a degree in French-German law and a Master 2 in Business and Tax Law.

Maria Snitsar was formed as a lawyer by renowned French criminal lawyers, within the leading law firms in Paris : Bougartchev & Moyne, White & Case, Haïk et Associés, before joining VIGO AARPI, as an associate.

The independent nature of the profession of attorney in France allows her, besides her association, to pursue a private practice.

The commitment

Her international background has given her not only the skills to master different legal systems, but also the understanding of foreign mentalities – technical and human knowledge that she now knows how to put to full use for the benefit of the persons she defends. Her knowledge of foreign law and her fluency in languages enable her to dissect your cross-border issues, to better understand and advise you, ensuring your defense before French courts of all levels.  

As a member of the Paris Bar, Maria Snitsar personally guarantees a dynamic and committed defense in every case she is entrusted with. Reactive and committed, she is available to assist you at all stages of the criminal procedure: from the investigation to the trial hearing, but also during the sentence adjustment. Before any substantive study of a case, Maria Snitsar carefully analyzes the documents from the point of view of the legality of the procedure in order to consider the eventual invalidity.

The experience of criminal proceedings is not only challenging for the defendant and the victim, but also for the relatives of the immediate parties to the proceedings. The proceedings are often long and the restrictions are complex. These situations are even more disturbing when the proceedings are conducted in a foreign language or with an extraterritorial aspect. Maria Snitsar is committed to provide you with a personalized and attentive support in order to elaborate a combative defense strategy having for ultimate goal the respect of your rights, whatever your situation and spoken language.