As a rule, French lawyers are free to set their fees. Several criteria are taken into account when calculating the fees: the client’s situation, the urgency, the number of hours spent on the case, the research carried out, the complexity of the case, the expenses incurred by the lawyer and the result achieved.

There are different types of fees:

Hourly rate

Each hour actually spent by the lawyer on the case is billed at the indicated price. When this formula is chosen, a detailed list of services is drawn up and completes the bill of fees established at the end of each month. The time spent is proportional to the complexity of the case, the number of steps to be taken, the stage of the procedure etc.

Fixed price

A global remuneration is fixed for the entire procedure. This formula is most often used when the procedure is simple and the schedule is perfectly predictable for the lawyer. 

The payment can be made in one or more instalments.

Fee for result

It can only be additional to a minimum fee (fixed or time-based). This type of fee is possible when the case involves important financial risks. Depending on the result, it may be decided that the lawyer will receive an additional remuneration.

Whether it is a request for a legal consultation or assistance in the context of a judicial procedure, the first contact by e-mail is essential to give the elements on the nature of the file and to communicate the first documents in order to allow the lawyer to usefully prepare the first meeting: either a physical meeting at the office, or by videoconference, or a telephone meeting. This first meeting, which lasts about an hour, is invoiced at a rate of : 

  • 200 euros before tax (i.e. 240 euros including tax) or
  • 400 euros before tax (i.e. 480 euros including tax), if the number of documents to be analyzed beforehand is important.

At the end of the consultation, and if you wish to entrust the defense of your interests to Maria Snitsar, she will propose you the billing option the most adapted to your case and to your personal situation, by deducting from this amount the invoice of the first appointment. If you are admissible to legal aid (aide juridictionnelle), Maria Snitsar will help you to constitute your application file.

Furthermore, Maria Snitsar offers an “express” telephone appointment format, lasting 20 to 30 minutes, for a fee of 99 euros including VAT.

Payments by bank transfer, cash and check are accepted.